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    FALLEN REALMS™'s review

    Published: 2012-06-11, by Peter Warrior.

    An introductory game to RPGs.

    • Great artwork
    • Perfect for beginners
    • It'll become unsupported soon
    • Maybe too easy
    • Few customization options

    "Realms will fall unless you save them, oh hero"

    Although SEGA fell in grace and it's only another developer in the crowd nowadays busy on achieving return on old licenses and franchises, from time to time it has a surprise to release in the most unexpected way. In this case, we're talking about Fallen Realms.

    Choose among warrior, rogue or mage and start a quest to find the lost parts of the Relic before the evil Emperor does so and spoils this world which once was peaceful and prosper. Therein, through a series of quests you will learn the basics of gameplay (it's very easy) and earn your first experience points. Besides the artwork, which is gorgeous, the best of Fallen Realms is that gameplay is thought for newbies to RPGs. Yes, you've read well. A veteran RPG player will get bored quickly of it, but a newcomer to the genre will appreciate that dungeons are linear (no, no insane labyrinths), skill tree is certainly simple and items and characters only have a few variables to deal with, so we could say that this is the perfect game to introduce a player to both the fantasy genre and RPGs. The storyline is also linear, so you don't have to make odd choices, and combat is summarized in attacking, defending or using a skill whatsoever.

    In addition to the shop, the guild and all the archetypal buildings in the stereotypical town, there's an arena to fight other players to win some prizes or for mere pleasure. However, SEGA announced that they won't support this game beyond August 1st 2012. If this affects only the online features of the game or the whole game is something we don't know yet.

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