Fantastic Battles is a scrolling shooting game. Players can play two different characters, the Angle Knight or the Devil Princess, to save the world which is under the Devil King’s control.
There are three chapters of the game. Three evil generals are ordered to kill the invader by the Devil King. Thus, players have to fight with the different types of enemies, such as bloody bets and fire monsters, on their way to kill the Devil King.
Each character is able to use a unique attack mode and a super mode in the beginning of game, and the other two attack modes can be unlocked after clearing required levels.
Players are able to control their characters by tilting the phone (movement sensor) or touching the screen.
The characters’ basic abilities such as attack and defense are able to be improved by the magic points in game. It is also possible to gain the special rewards to improve the characters’ basic abilities.

Company:GG Studio
Art Director:Cindy Liang
Music material:魔王魂

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Tags: gg aasd , monstermessenger

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