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    Published: 2012-04-30, by .

    Fantasy Kingdome Defense HD is a tower-defense game set in cute cartoon graphics

    • Cute hand-drawn graphics
    • Ease of use
    • Different game modes
    • Childish

    "Defend the Castle, protect the Kingdom"

    Storyline: your Kingdom is under attack by an invasion of demons. You don't stand a chance in open battle, so you must defend your castles while you wait for the Evil Lord to arrive on the battlefield in person. That's the only way to kill him and weaken his army.

    Use gold to recruit defenders. After you choose a defender, deploy them in a strategic location. Enemies appear in waves from the portals and then follow the path. Hordes of skulls, orcs and other creatures will try to reach the gate of your castle. Protect it and end up with all the enemies before the "life bar" of the gate runs out.

    There are two game modes: campaign (you'll have to protect different castles of the Kingdom and face level bosses); and Survival mode (endless). There are lots of locked achievements as well as leaderboards. You can also submit your scores on your Facebook's wall.

    Graphics is the added-value point of this game. It is set in cute cartoon-like graphics, bit childish though. There are different soldier unit to choose among, with different skills: archer, warrior, wizards... All of them cutely hand-drawn. Controls are intuitive: just select the area where you want to place a soldier, select the unit and doble-tap for settle.

    In summary, a great tower-defense game set in cute (childish) graphics, with different game modes and smooth performance. High recommendable.

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