The game “PATH TO BED” - with this game you will easily BECOME CLOSER with a new partner, ridding yourself of complexes.
This GAME is for those who:
- do not know how to move on to INTIMATE RELATIONS;
- cannot find a reason to offer their partner INTIMACY;
- are embarrassed to LURE the partner into BED;
- are afraid of BEING ACCUSED of sexual HARASSMENT;
- seek a reliable technique of SEDUCTION.

NEW unique games for adults “FANTY” are games for “live” communication. With these games your private life will become incredibly rich and colourful, your LOVE - unbelievably hot. This is a real REVOLUTION in the sphere of intimate relations!
“FANTY” will help both MEN and WOMEN not only to receive pleasure, but also to solve problems of relationship with the opposite sex. An amazingly simple method of this game immediately CARRIES AWAY and quickly BONDS its participants. Just start playing, you will be surprised how EASY everything turns out to be!
Games “FANTY” are divided into THREE categories:
- games helping to MAKE an ACQUAINTANCE easily and GET INTIMATE quickly;
- games solving the problems of fading LOVE;
- games helping to arrange entertaining adult PARTIES.

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