Farm Diaries



Farm Diaries is a colorful and cute farm management game. You play as “Jones”, a high-flying talent agent turned farmer. You need to build, manage, grow your farm, harvest crops and raise animals! But this is not a usual farm. You will find an eclectic mix of animals, cattle, sheep, and even monkeys, penguins, and cloned dinosaurs. You will encounter unexpected characters, like farm-loving aliens and hungry vampires. Help Jones build the most vibrant and colorful farm in this unique farmland!
Raise more than 10 different farm animals, including some not-so-typical farm animals, such as chickens, cattle, and even monkeys and giraffes
Plant and harvest more than 10 delicious and useful crops, like pumpkin, eggplant, corn, cherries, red-hot chili peppers, and even some stinky yet tasty garlic
Use many useful tools to turn your farm into something vibrant and colorful, including pesticide, fertilizer, livestock feed, medicine, and more

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