Fisholution Lite



Evolve your way through different species into the sovereign King of the Seas (or Queen, if you wish)! Start as a small unknown species of Evolution Fish, and make your way to be a shark with the spikes of a Blow Fish and claws of a Lobster! Or how about tentacles of an Octopus and lamp of a Deep Sea Fish?

Browse through all the choices by eating other fishes and gaining their features as you grow bigger and bigger! But watch out -- you start small, and these waters are full of fishes bigger than you! Dodge your way from bigger ones until you are as big as them, and then show them who has been the Boss all this time!

- 25+ different looks for the player character -- will you find them all? (15+ in free version)

- Easy to learn, hard to master

- Control your fish easily by tilting your device

- randomness of enemies and your goals keeps you playing more and more!

Try it!

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