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    The most popular relaxing game !! Now you won't feel boring in public transport.
    The game rule is simple, just simply link up to eliminate two similar icons which can be connected with a one/two right-angled straight line. You will definitely find lots of fun in this game. Moreover, it helps to train you logical and reactivity ability.

    How to play:
    Touch to select one of the icon first, try to find the identical icon which can be linked up by straight line which at most consists of 3 segments, then the linked icons will blow up and disappear. You will enter the next level when you have cleared up all the icons in the limited time duration. As time goes on, stones may appear randomly to block your way to increase the difficulty.

    These features help you to get through when you feel stuck.

    Hint : A pair of possible icons will flash.
    Randomize : Re-arrange the current layout on random basis.
    Bomb: To blow up a pair of icons at you wish.

    Hope you'll find fun with this game. Please enjoy !!

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