Flarble Badness (GL1.1)



This version may run better on less capable phones

Its a remake of Mark Cerny's classic Marble Madness

I suppose in response to some peoples comments, it does have problems with resolutions higher than what it was developed for, sorry about that, when i get a device to test it on i'll update for the galaxy S3 etc in a way that should fix resolution problems permanently, and in the bottom right of the screen as you play is a button that if you press and drag will give you lots of options, including changing the tilt offset, graphics options and allowing you to quit to title screen mid-game, i hope that helps

Sooner than leave a bad comment which does deter people from trying it for themselves, id massively appreciate it if you could email me with any problems you find and i'll endeavour to address them, as a one person developer with certainly nowhere near the funds to try my work on all possible handsets, your help is appreciated

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