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231 countries in the world , can be used anywhere in the world !
Possible without the world's first hybrid Smart Talk Cell Phone !

Smart Talk anywhere in the world between Android and iPhone users to send and receive messages free of charge IM service.
Register and login without a phone number if you enjoy real-time chat, group chat, and 1:01 , and photos, videos, contacts, and you can send and receive multimedia too easily . Now out of SMS
Smart Talk with friends, colleagues, family members and more convenient and multimedia can begin chatting .

Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Spain, China , Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia , Switzerland, Saudi Arabia , Mexico, Russia, Macau , Israel and 52 countries around the world including United Arab Emirates, one of App downloads !
Line anytime, anywhere free messages, free calls to enjoy the new communication messenger.

[Smart Talk ] of the new features
★ them to enjoy the world popular character "sticker shop"
Hundreds of species of free stickers from witty to meet a variety of popular characters to pay sticker !
Variety of colorful characters and vivid look forward to feeling filled with sticker try .

[ Main features of Smart Talk ]
★ Kakao Talk , a new, revolutionary feature in the line
Smart Tv tv, radio listening is possible, over-the-air TV viewing, online shopping mall neighbor can purchase products , YouTube view live video broadcast daily with new funny text and funny pictures ^ ^ Enjoy every new morning

★ If there is anywhere the Internet is Tok

★ Convenient multimedia conversation
Messages, pictures as well as videos, voice messages, location information can be sent quickly and easily to .

★ Smart Phones - PC linked
Go Skien smartphone , PC and Mac desktops In
You can talk anywhere convenient .

★ more enjoyable and convenient social networking features
· Home : text , photos, videos, location information attached to the
I can share the news with your friends .
· Timeline : Timeline format uploaded the news of friends
You can view and share .

※ wifi is not the environment occurs , the data communications charges unlimited data plan , so it is recommended to join .

[ I ] terminal
In order to use this application, comfortably equipped with Android OS 2.1 or later devices is recommended .

■ issues using the app , or if an error occurs during the Smart Talk Customer Service (http://cafe.naver.com/thest1) leave us with .
If only namgisil review comments and check the correct answer to your problem is difficult.
(E-mail us : thest1@nate.com)

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