Freak n' Furious Speed Typing



The newest addition to Digital4You's ever-expanding Freakverse of mobile apps! This time, you'll engage in a incredible social game that pitches you against your friends and family in a high-velocity typing competition. Expert at texting, sending e-mails and private messages on your phone? You've been practicing for this competition all your life and you weren't even aware!

Challenge your Facebook contacts to a typing competition in three difficulty levels, each one providing thousands of words, expressions, sentences or sayings for you to try your hand at this fast-paced game. Freak n' Furious will save all your game stats, including matches played, victories and defeats, how many taps and mistakes you made and your best times in each difficulty. If you're fast enough, you may even get an Ace!

Victories (and even losses!) will award you coins, which you can use to place bets and raise the stakes of the game or to unlock special lists or even new keyboard layouts to help you type faster.

Don't waste time, download Freak n' Furious and dare your friends to try and keep up with you!


− Addictive fast-paced typing game
− Connect with Facebook to challenge your contacts and see who can type faster
− Compete in three difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard), each list containing thousands of words and sentences
− Save and check all your past game stats, so you can use them to brag about your victories

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