Freakdroid is the latest addition to Digital4You’s wacky Freakverse of mobile apps. The app is equal parts trivia experience, virtual comic, and social networking utility, starring a grumpy yet hilarious robot – Freakdroid!
    Possibly the moodiest droid in the universe, Freakdroid is the main attraction of the app. Users can challenge him to a quiz on, well, anything regarding human culture, and show him that he doesn't know nearly as much about us as he thinks he does. The quiz is updated daily and the scores are posted to online leaderboards on OpenFeint, so you can share them and compete with your friends.

    Fans of the grumpy robot are also treated to a comic narrative chronicling Freakdroid’s hilarious misadventures. On top of that, you'll to realize just how poor are Freakdroid's opinions about us humans, as he comments on current events and news!

    Whether you’re looking for a few moments of distracting entertainment, a challenging trivia session, or something in between, there's always a reason to check Freakdroid. So don’t hesitate, discover how much fun this quirky app and its grumpy robotic star are right now.

    Freakdroid is developed by Digital4You.

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