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Your pet with plenty of affection, containing § § Development Story

Returned to this smartphone ♡ ♡ reobeureobeupet Tycoon

Now, let's create ♡ ♡ smartphone your own pet
Losing a pet to love animals admitted to the school of magic for the treatment of the hero!
Unlike the love of animals is always a crisis might come baeumyeo 0 points
By chance from the principal and the pet receive the treatment secret.

♡ 5 with kind of cute pets to tame your own pet! ♡
Through a cookie made with a teacher ♡ alkongdalkonghan ♡ Romance
♡ to help the hero NPC meeting with various cute ♡
Eunggeumsanghwang mini-games that occur during treatment ♡ ♡
♡ various maps (school and community) and game system using branch ♡
♡ seems to foster an emotional state that varies pet ♡

♡ my heart as my doctor! ♡
I want the hospital! Remodeling can decorate my own!
Own ♡ ♡ Work with part-direct hire
♡ I got to the hospital arranged by size and animal guests!
   To treat! Let's create your own animal hospital! ♡
♡ animal emergencies that may occur during treatment to address the
   ♡ I'm small, but fun mini-games

Now let's create your own pet!

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