Frenzy Fugu Fish



Crazy fish action game with 45 levels (more levels will be released in next few weeks).
Excellent graphics, lots of fun, addictive gameplay.

You are Fugu, the Puffer Fish. Your goal is to collect all pearls in the level within the time limit. Tilt the phone to swim around, collect pearls and avoid other fish, jellyfish, anemones and other enemies.

There are many enemies and obstacles waiting for you. In some levels you can use puff poison to inflate yourself to became invincible for short period of time and to eat some smaller fish.

If you are fast enough, try to collect also all bonus coins in the level.

There are already 45 levels waiting for you, with another sets of levels that will be available in future updates. There will be lot of new fish for you!

Enjoy the swimming!

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Tags: fish, jellyfish, casual, pearl, water, ocean, underwater

Tags: frenzy fugu , fugu fish in water , frenzy fugu fish

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