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Frootrees Halloween FREE's review


Frootrees is a kids-friendly casual game

  • Halloween theme
  • Kids-friendly
  • Entertaining
  • Increasing complexity
  • Childish
  • Scoreboards missing

"Frootrees got creepy"

Frootrees has been made up with a Halloween theme. Now, beside pears and apples, pumpkins are also growing up in a re-design creepy tree. Gameplay's still the same but, what better than turn on Halloween mood also in your favorite puzzle game?

Frootress is a puzzle game specially designed for kids. Thanks to Frootrees kids will learn sizes, colors and will increase their mental agility. Frootrees is basically a game in which players have to collect fruit from a tree that provides different kind of fruits: pears, plums, oranges and apples. Tap to throw fruits into the appropriate bins.

Players receive one point for picking young or old Froot and two points for ripe Froot. What's more, a streak of right moves will build up a multiplier. If too many Froot age and fall to the floor the game is over. Likewise if fruits fall down into incorrect bins, you'll lose points the same way you win them (1 for young/old, 2 for ripe).

Although Frootrees is a kids-friendly game, complexity increases gradually and they'll need to master it to get a respectable score. It would be great if those scores could be submitted on online leaderboards. It would really make the game more challenging. Despite of this, great game.

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Oct 29, 2012

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