Fruit Snail Free




    This is the story of snails named Pimpim's who have been starving for long time for fruits which they have found now on a mega tree.
    But that's not the end of the story, Pimpim's have found themselves in a state of confusion as the tree has got large number of branches which makes difficult for them to find the fruit they love to eat (basically the same color as they are).And so now you come into play in guiding them in to right directions to help them reach to the correct fruits by arranging the direction signs appropriately.As time passes, large number of Pimpim's start coming from both the directions(left and right) so you gotta be up and fast.
    Also, this game comes integrated with social gaming in a surprisingly new way(yes we mean it) which surely would keep you at nose with other players.
    So go ahead and help Pimpim's.
    Keywords Fruit, snail, puzzle, tree, direction, branch, move, fruit bug,kids