Fruit Storm



Fruit Storm is a very interesting class leisure shoot, Fruit hung in the air, struck to Fruit, into the next level, each level has a total of 5 times, if the first hit in the 500 points, the second with 400 points, the third with 300 points, the second with 200 points, the last time to hit the words oh plus 1000 points, and each into the next level, efforts will be faster, there are a lot of checkpoints waiting for you to challenge, come and try it

Fruit Storm 是一款很有意思的射击类休闲游戏,在空中挂有水果,击打到水果则进入下一关,每一关一共有5次机会,如果第一次砸中则加500分,第二次加400分,第三次加300分,第二次加200分,最后一次砸中的话加1000分哦,每进入下一关,力度会变快,有很多关卡等待你来挑战哦,快来试试吧。