Fruit Wall



A Puzzle game

How to play:

Get score if you can eliminate three or more "Squares" with the same colour

- click any three or more "Squares" which are connected vertically, horizontally or in any shape such that each "Square" must be connected with another one to eliminate them from the screen.

- get a "Combo" if you can do the elimination within 3 seconds.

- the more "Combo" you get, the higher score you are.

- for every 8 "Combo", you will get a "Super Boom" in different colour randomly.

- click a "Super Boom", you can eliminate all the "Squares" with the same colour of the "Super Boom" in the screen. (e.g. Red "Super Boom" can eliminate Red "Squares")

- it will be automatically saved when you leave or quit the game

- click "Continue" button to restart the game again.

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