Fruits & Fun Xmas



Christmas is here and the Fruits are ready!

This game is made for fans of color-matching games: In Fruits & Fun Xmas, cute fruits are waiting for you to save them, by matching them up in groups of three.

To match three fruits, drag one up, down or sideways. If you match five or more fruits, you get an exploding fruit!
Sometimes you can meet giant fruits: these still count as one fruit, but they force you to move two rows or columns at the same time.
As the game goes on, locks can appear, which won't let you move that row or column. To remove the locks, simply match the fruit under it!
After each level, you get a level bonus, and at the end of the game, an achievement bonus is awarded based on how many achievements you got so far.
If you get stuck, use the Hint function in the Menu!

* Cute graphics
* Smooth animations
* Addictive gameplay
* 3 different game modes (Classic, Speed and Zen)
* 2 difficulty levels (Normal and Insane)
* High score lists and achievements
* Support for posting scores to Facebook, Twitter and Myspace
* Scoreloop included
* Christmas graphics and music!

Challenge and compare your scores with your friends!

In the X-mas version everybody played dress up:
Mr. Grape and Mr. Lemon shop at the same place, one of them got the green hat and the other couldn't go without a red one.
Mr. Orange have decided to go simple and be the xmas ball.
Mr. Banana had to get the full elf costume, for him one hat wouldn't be enough.
Mr. Blackberry has a wreath on his head just for fun.
Mr. Watermelon earned the fruitcake of the year Award.
Mr. Pear was in charge of doing the Christmas lights, but ended up tying them around himself.
Mr. Pineapple decided to help out the reindeers, by replacing Rudolf this year so to look like him he borrowed Rudolf's antler.
Mr. Strawberry prepared in advance and grew the Santa Claus beard.

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