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    When ever we talk about pet cat apps Talking Cat apps comes in mind but its not that informative. Sammy's Cats is not only informative but its fun oriented as well we compile this app with Cat Facts, Memory Game, Coloring Book and a Pet story All in one single App. No doubt cats are Cute, Loving, Clean. When cats are hungry they roam around you and want you to give them Food.

    Pet cats are human’s best friend; this is a very common known fact. Sammy has found out that a cat can easily be his good friend. Find out more about how Sammy’s affection towards cats leads him in proximity with them. He knows that a cat readily adapts to the social aura of humans when they live together.

    If your preschool kid asks for a kitten, tell him to study more about them because they need as much care and attention as we do. May it be a Siamese or a calico, don’t worry about any mess, cats are known for their cleanliness. To know more about them, you’ve come to the right place. Download this app on your device and learn those facts that you might not have heard before. Endure the affection of this homely animal to enjoy an interesting story of Sammy’s family, color images with a wide range of colors available in a palette and play amusing games. The thrill does not end here; the colorful images will constantly make you engrossed in this app. So without further ado, show this app to your cat loving children and make them aware.

    By this iteration your kid can learn quickly and memorize everything about cats easily.This App exclusively is designed for Toddlers, babies , Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grader Kids. We include One Free Memory Match Game, One Coloring Book with multiple cats, One Exclusive Story based on Facts and last but not the least Encyclopedia which really helps your kid to increase knowledge and adds to their capabilities.

    First of all we have included a story about cats which is based on facts and HD images that your kid would definitely love. This section is designed for parents who do story telling to their children and whose kids love to hear and read different stories. Its best for reading practices.

    Secondly we have integrated an Encyclopedia of cats which includes several type of pet cat. Your child will truly love the different type of cats and the most amazing thing is the facts about these Cat's with HD images..

    Thirdly we have provided you Memory Match Game for Free which Includes colorful cards and beautiful flip animations. Timer for end result and it compares your current time with the Best time and this makes memory game more addictive. On the other hand this memory game effectively increases memorizing skills of kids.

    Fourthly we have integrated a Coloring book with 4 pictures for those who love art, painting, coloring, drawing n sketching and have a creative mind. Your children will be able to draw lines and paint with their fingers. By selecting colors from color pallet and 3 brush sizes. Purple, pink, yellow, red, black and many more colors are available in the color pallet.

    Your child would feel like he should have pets. Only Apps Magician provides you 4 in 1 Apps For Free!!! If you are Animal lover then you will find our more Apps targeting different animals like Lions,Tigers, Dragons,Zebra, Wild Cats and many more Animals. By using these app you will feel like being in a jungle or on a trip to jungle safari. This App will definitely add up to your child's knowledge.

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