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Riddles can be fun, quirky, adventurous and, most of all, confusing. These short and sweet word problems can have you rubbing your head in confusion. However, due to their confusing and complex nature, hard riddles are a great way to stretch your brain and test your knowledge. Riddles can be fun for both kids and adults, and can help your brain stay active and youthful. Our site has a huge collection of growing riddles that are fun for all ages. So sit back, and read through our riddles to keep your brain active and youthful while having a great time!

Bonus features:
It could be more fun when attaching your cartoon characters which are created from MomentCam app ( install at ) with the quiz. The receipient wil say Wow when seeing your cartoon with funny quiz.
- After clicking "Share" or "Ask Friend", you switch your cartoon by clicking "Change Image".

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