Galaxy Assault



War has consumed the galaxy. An imbalance of power between the Swarm and Coalition has forced the Elders to emerge from isolation. A new universal order must be established by any means necessary to bring peace to the cosmos. Now you must choose an allegiance, equip your army, and lead your faction to victory.


“It has a lot more strategy to leveling your units and cards. It's one of the best on the market!” ★★★★★

“Has an interesting battle system for combining fighters and equipment. Upgrading your soldiers and equipment is an easy system.” ★★★★★

“Galaxy Assault is a very complex combat simulation game in which you have control over a large number of resources, and must learn to properly utilize them to achieve victory over an endless series of opponents. ” ★★★★★


⇒ Choose from three warring factions: the human Coalition, the parasitic Swarm, and the ancient Elders.
⇒ Equip your army with unique weapons and powerful machines ranging from flamethrowers to huge mechs and spacecrafts.
⇒ Battle other players for glory and take control of the galaxy.
⇒ Experience fast-paced, action-packed card battle gameplay with an immersive storyline.
⇒ Explore untamed parts of the galaxy for resources to fuel your rise to power.

Commander, the universe needs you. Download Galaxy Assault today!

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