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Galaxy Image Puzzle lays out grid-puzzles with stunning photos of real galaxies

  • Entertaining
  • Real galaxies, available info about them
  • 3 different difficulty levels
  • More galaxies should be added
  • Design

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"How well do you know galaxies?"

If you like puzzles, you will probably enjoy solving grid-puzzles, especially if they are about beautiful images of real galaxies. That's what this app is about.

You can select three difficult levels: first level, 3 by 3 format grid, with 9 tiles; second level, 4 by 4 grid with 16 tiles and, third level, 5 by 5 with 25 tiles. You can start playing the first level to get used and then step forward. Since galaxies are shown randomly, you can get same puzzle twice or more times during the same game. That's because there are only 12 galacies, including Helix Nebula, Infrared Helix, Light Echo.

The player just need to exchange position of two tiles, by taping one and then the other. In other to not get lost, there's a small thumbnail of the image on the bottom-left corner. In addition, users can read some info about the galaxy featured in each puzzle such as distance from Earth and other details.

Although it more galaxies should be added, along with an enhanced interface, the game is entertaining and challenging. Good for having some fun once in a while.

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Jul 24, 2013

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