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Game ON mole!

Boss getting on your nerves?
The Mother -in- Law putting on her usual performance?
The Teacher daring to give you homework!?!

This application will let you release some frustration by placing a picture of someone's head on a mole and whacking the mole as it moves around the screen.

Simply take a photo with your android device, or use one you already have.

You can create and select your custom made moles or use the default mole.

Smash 30 moles and earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold time. A Gold time will progress you to the next level. If you are fast enough your time will be recorded in the Global top 10 fastest times. Watch out for the snake in the grass!

Now get smashing!

* Whack-a-mole
* Whack a mole
* Mole Whacking
* Hit a Mole

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