Game with Cities for Memory



Free super game to guess the cities of the world!
Love to travel? Love pictures of the most beautiful cities in the world? Then entertain yourself and your children with our new app!
This unique game will test how quickly you can find the same pictures of cities.
You will find a photo of New York, Paris, Wien, and many, many more there!
Rules of the game:
This game will provide you with several successive levels, each of which you will have to find two same pictures for some time. Each level gives you a certain number of cards, each of which shows a snapshot of the city.
Clicking on it, the card turns, showing a town painted on the reverse side.
The essence of the game is to find a cards where are the same images of city is painted and combine them in pairs. And, of course, this should be done as quickly as possible in the shortest time, because you are being followed by timer.
In finding the matching pictures of the cities, the time to find the following increases (eg + 10 seconds). The gameplay is accompanied by soft music.
The game develops memory and reaction!
We recommend this game to all fans of beautiful photos.
You will have a good time playing in this game is in the transport or while standing in line.
Your kids will be happy to play this game!
This game will develop your child's memory through its tactile abilities.
+ The best way to occupy or distract your child :)

- A large collection of photographs of the most beautiful cities in the world!
- Pleasant music!
- Play and set new records!
- Compete with your friends for a while!
- Check and develop your memory!

We wish you an exciting passage of levels!
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We look forward to your feedback.

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