Grim Defense



Grim Defense is a castle defense game. Your goal is to stop the waves of zombies from destroying your summer vacation house by setting up turrets to kill them. As you destroy zombies, you will make money. The money can be used to purchase better turrets to defeat the zombies.

You are the Grim Reaper and you spend all your time reaping souls. You've become tired, so you decide to go on vacation to your luxurious run down shack. While on vacation, an epidemic of H1N1 gets out and the strain is very resistant to antibiotics. Scientists attempt to make a cure by mutating the disease, but they accidentally make the situation worse. The scientists change the bacteria so that it now affects human's hunger response and amplifies it so that they eat anything in sight. By this time, the entire human race has ripped its self apart and should be dead. Unfortunately, since you have been on vacation, there has been no one to reap their souls. Now the infected are attacking you and trying to get you to return from vacation so they can rest in peace.

-endless waves
-great in-game instructions
-saves your high score
-increasing difficulty
-different towers

-more enemies
-more turrets
-upgradable turrets
-control options
-graphic packs
-larger high score list
-faster game performance on older devices