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Guess the celebrity sets out the principles of the famous game Time's Up wich is based on the public domain game known as Celebrities.

It's a party game for teams of two or more players (best with teams of two). The same set of famous names is used for each of 3 rounds. In each round, one member of a team tries to get his teammates to guess as many names as possible in 30 seconds. In round 1, almost any kind of clue is allowed. In round 2 no more than one word can be used in each clue (but unlimited sounds and gestures are permitted). In round 3, no words are allowed at all.

With Free Guess The Celebrity, you have :

- Almost 300 international celebrities
- Almost 100 local celebrities according to your locality ( For France, Spain, Italy, England, United-States)
- 5 categories (Actor, Writer, Sports, Music, Politic)
- You can add by yourself your own card and category.
- you can set all the parameters for each game : number of team, players, card, timing

If you want to play Time's Up without any cards or timer, you must have this application !

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