Halloween Movies Quiz Saga



Halloween themed game: Movies Quiz Saga is a fantastic and full of fun guessing game made from the scenes of movies.
If you are able to guess the name of a movie just by looking at a snapshot then this multi level game can test your skills.
We use exceptionally beautiful and high quality movie posters to give you a clue to help you guess the movie.

- Guess the movie from a snapshot.
- Use hints to Guess the Movie.
- Guess the movie and score points.
- Compare and share your score with friends in facebook and twitter. Play and be the best!

Have a look at the photos and then tap in your answer. Some questions are easy, but others will take some thinking!

New movies are coming soon. Check for updates.
We certainly hope you will have as much fun solving it as we did making it.
Help us by sending feedback.

Are you ready to challenge your inner movie-watching genius? Find out now and download Halloween Movies Quiz Saga for FREE!

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