Handshake Meeting with IDOL




    Let's get to experience the work throw the customer in the handshake meeting of Japanese idol now.

    Speed is important in Handshake meeting.
    More speedy you throw, More CD will be sold!
    Let's throw the customer!

    However, do not just it.
    Heart of idol will cause sick If she shake hands with so-called anti-customer.
    It is very important to be eliminated before the anti-is shaking hands.
    Adhesive customers not flow If you try to throw.
    It is quite difficult to work. And memory, quick judgment is required.
    It is a job that should not be thinking in comfort.

    It may not be at work carefree, it is a simple game of just flick the screen, and it is the game which can be enjoyed at ease in his spare time a little.
    I hope to download all means, if you can to experience the cutting-edge work of this era in Japan.

    Please leave a good record, and swimwear handshake meeting and plain clothes handshake meeting also is considered to hold.
    Since it also supports NET-RANKING, please try to compete for your own skill.

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