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HappyBalance, is a very simply and addicting mobile puzzle game, support for "Android" and "iOS" platforms. In the game you can build blocks in order to maintain balance as the theme of gravity in the system within a limited time, don't drop any block on the ground... the shorter the time spent, the higher the level you can get star rating, the higher the points. Games are divided into four major levels, each level contains a large 12 small points, a total of 48 points. The game is simple, but there are limitless ways to build and interesting. Theme of the game healthy and lively, suitable for all ages user groups, or even to develop children's initial understanding of the interesting natural materials physics software. Game upon release, which swept the world, has become the most popular puzzle casual games.

Game name: Happy Balance
Apply system: Android + iPhone + M9 (Meizu)
Genre: Casual Puzzle
File size: 5M
Launch date: June 2011
Tariff type: Permanent Free
Game Development: DOOZII network

Instructions: the game starts, the game screen will appear above the building blocks of a certain shape, drag to the bottom of the screen to complete a location to build, will start to appear after all the building blocks together and always take the balance of clearance. Building blocks in the non-equilibrium state will be rolling or sliding, and with further points will be the building blocks of various shapes, to a limited time all the blocks are set up is completed and the balance is not always so simple. Because there are limitless possibilities to build methods, interesting high. Can be described as a small game to show great wisdom.
Building block shapes: building blocks that appear in the current shape of points, there are four, namely rectangular, round, long, triangular.
Time five-pointed star: the progress of each level there are three represents the time the five-pointed star. When the game starts, will go out every once in a five-pointed star, a direct impact on the number of the remaining five-pointed star to the final score.

Game experience:
1, only the unexpected is not impossible. Specifically on this point first, showing the importance of this article, along with intensive in-game, you will be fully understood.
2, do not think the early points on the neglect of this simple little game, if you hold this attitude, the latter points will make you crazy. When you think can not complete a level, you must be thinking in conventional thinking, because this level is actually just a different kind of thinking you will be able to cross the border.
3, placed neatly is not a necessary condition for clearance, and sometimes you need to put a mess to clear customs.
4, do not think the front end in order to build a building block to build the next building block, a building block in the move when you can still build the next building block. There are many points the game is to use it to complete, and when you do nothing when you can try this line of thinking.
5, the same level there are many kinds of clearance methods to try some unconventional methods to get more fun.
6, if a level 3 consecutive days you do not have clearance, please refer to the first.

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