Haunted Boxxo



A very horrifying, creepy, and haunted game. The game will scare you with its great graphics and horrible sound effects.

The game represents two skulls fighting for their survival in the evil world and to show their power and strength over the other. You can imagine the game as a huge gate through which the skulls can enter a world of great unbeatable devil powers but the problem is, only one skull can go further to reach those powers. You have to help your skull to gain those powers by winning the game. In between your horror journey, your opponent will try to interrupt you but with the help of other evil spirits, you can destroy your opponent.

Many animations and various creepy creatures are present in the game that will increase your level of excitement.

-Introducing a unique utility, DEMO TOUR to understand the gameplay.
-Great graphics and horrible sound effects.
-Two levels of Artificial Intelligence to beat: Hard and Extreme.

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Tags: haunted boxxo

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