This game is a game to which the tap of the rat which comes out from a hole is carried out, and mark are added.

- How to Play -
- If the tap of "START GAME" of a main menu is carried out, the screen which sets a game level to the time limit will be displayed.
- A game will be started, if the time limit (LimitTime) is set up and the tap of the button of the level of a game is carried out.
- Since a rat will come out from the hole of a screen if a game is started, carry out the tap of the rat.
- Please aim at a high-speed-steel core in the time limit set up since mark were added when the tap was successful.
- As for "QUICK GAME" of a main menu, the game for 60 seconds is started [ the difficulty of a game ] for Medium and the time limit.

Tags: hit mouse from hole game

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