HAYABUSA Rumble Curling



Occupy a house and aim the high score!

This game is the casual game software wear which used as the motif the winter sports "curling" which are Olympics formal items.
The original curling rule as the Olympic Games does not use.
It becomes the original rule which adopted original score calculation.
Moreover, 1 step shot by the Fling operation is adopted as a stone shot.

- How to Play -
This game has a two mode, the single mode and the CPU versus mode.
the single mode can be trained and aiming at a best score.
A three persons' CPU scrambles for one house with self, in the CPU versus mode.
Since the stone shot can carry out a shot not to a turn system but to free timing, diplomacy with CPU is a key to victorious.

- Score System -
The stone has a score individually.
When a stone reaches a house, the point which a stone has is obtained as a score.
Moreover, according to the distance to the center of the house of a target stone, a bonus coefficient is applied to the score points of a target stone.

Please enjoy the rumble game in which many stones mix in confusion!

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