Heroes & Monsters


Heroes & Monsters's review

by Peter Warrior

A 3-match puzzle game mixed with RPG battles

  • Easy to learn
  • Free
  • User Interface is a nightmare
  • Artwork is too childish and underworked

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"Match to attack"

Heroes & Monsters is a match-three game with the addition of a handful of fantasy RPG elements, namely monsters, to create a new game that mixes bubble blasting, card collecting and leveling. Every time you make a combo with three of more of a kind gems, a monster of your team will attack an enemy. Depending on the color of the selected gems it'll concern an element or an other.

Between stages, you can draw new cards to configure your team, or turn down old ones to boost and make evolve the most powerful. Eventually you'll realize that the real monsters need a prize much higher than common ones, this game is no different from any collectible card game in this regard.

Graphics are simple. Gems shine, but monsters and artwork aren't as beautifully drawn as other similar games, and game can give a boring linear feeling too soon. It's a nice move and a chance to try something new, but don't keep your expectations too high.

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Jun 04, 2013

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