Hidden Object Animals



Are you looking for a hidden object game that you can play casually during your pastime or on the go? Do you want the hidden object game to be easy enough to learn and play but hard enough to keep you enticed?
Hidden Object Animals is then the perfect game for you. Developed on the traditional concept of a hidden object game, this app uses state of the art graphics and sound with several other innovative features and designs to make your experience thrilling, enjoyable and satiating. A simple hidden object and hidden animal game at its heart, this app would certainly be an exciting experience for you.
The purpose of this hidden object and animal game is very simple. There are certain hidden objects and animals in every frame which you have to locate and identify accurately. You do not have all day to do it because there is a timer. You have to find every hidden object or animal in the game before the time runs out.
There are three difficulty modes, namely – easy, medium and hard. As you progress through the modes, the challenges would become tougher and thus the end result more satiating.
The Hidden Object Animals game uses good quality graphics. On the left side of the screen you would see the list of hidden objects and animals that you have to find. Once you locate a hidden object or animal, you simply tap on that point on the display and it would be confirmed as found. You would get to see the timer as it ticks on and at every stage you do get a helping hand in the form of hints. The hint button is on the bottom corner towards the left side of your screen. Should you need any hints during the hidden object and animal game, you simply tap on the hint button and get the help that would take you forward and make your quest a bit easier.
You can choose the difficulty modes as well as the different levels which you wish to play. Apart from the three difficulty modes, there are 10 levels in which you have to succeed to gain stars. The stars would unlock the next levels of the hidden object and animal game. The number of stars you get at each level would depend on how fast you manage to solve the game and find every hidden object and animal. This hidden object and animal game also comes with sound control features using which you can regulate the audio levels from the options menu.

P.s.: This game contains ads. I finance the development of free games this way. Without ads I can't continue to provide the games free. Thank you for your understanding!

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