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Build the hotels and make sure everything works properly

  • Fun and entertaining
  • Always things to do
  • Nothing too original

"Mogul Enterprises"

In Hotel Mogul, you need to help Lynette after her husband has betrayed her with the family business... She wants to get revenge and repurchase her company buy developing properties that will attract millions of visitors and make you earn profit.

The gameplay is the typical entertaining management game where you follow a tutorial in order to know how to play and build the properties. There's not much you need to know: just get familiar with all the options, build new buildings, receive the income and pass through the levels by getting all the achievements.

Alawar Entertainment, Inc. is the developer of the lite versions of Hotel Mogul with only 10 levels and the premium ones with 35. The graphics are not perfect but appropriate to the gameplay and the animations are smooth and responsive. If you enjoy management games and would like to know what it's like to own a lot of them... don't miss it.

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Oct 11, 2012

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