Hussaini Memory 2



Game Description
Improve your kid memorization ability for shapes and positions by playing this game, and in the same time let him get more attached to the Battle of Karbala and Imam Hussain.

How to plaY
- The kid need tap on a flipped card to see the back side.
- He needs to memorise the picture and it's position an search for a matching picture.
- In case he uncovered two matching cards on the same time, the 2 cards would be take out of the game.
- The game is over once all cards are removed.
- you may change the difficulty level for more challenge.

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Ma'atam Al Jameya Al Husainiah
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nuwaedrat Bahrain
Karbala Imam Hussain Muslim Ahlulbait Zainab Abbas ashora Matam

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