Samurai in the wilderness of midnight · · ·
Wind is strong・・・

A man who is the middle of between the is the referee?

He raised the red flag "GO!!"
Oops! ... To react quickly, whether to tap the screen!

"Go! Go!"
Samurai's battle continues ....

[Time Attack]
Samurai practice secretly…
Iai game three times!
You should tap quickly in response to the signal!
Otetsuki is a foul.Samurai is a game three times without practicing Iaido · secret!
Referee's signal with drawn sword, and exciting Kirisake to bang! Bashu~tsu! The winding straw!
Speed game reflection! Otetsuki is a foul.

Threre are enemies in front of the Samurai.
Now, how many enemies Samurai can get wins.
The enemy gradually become stronger…
Otetsuki is within 3 times.

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