Invasie van Alien Spider



In 2015, the earth finally managed to make contact with other planets.

Then, 100 years have passed, trade between Earth with other planets is growing, but at the same time it

also brings a very dangerous risk.

In 2115, dangerous insects that live on the planet M36 (Alien Spider) sneak into the trading ship and

transported to Earth.

Alien spiders are creatures who can spit powerful acid that is very dangerous, and use the spacecraft as

its nest. Spider Alien is also a courier of dangerous virus that is deadly.

500 people of the crew, about half had been infected with the virus of Alien Spider and died and half are

still free from virus.

Corrosion in the aircraft is become stronger, so that the hole in the fuselage is just waiting the time

According to research, there are rocks on the planet M36 is very effective to destroy the Alien Spider.

So that it is used as a strategy to destroy the Alien Spider.

To avoid virus infection,

the flight crew are isolated their self in the cockpit while controlling the aircraft,

and keep the balance to destroy Spider Alien.

And the battle begins ....

Continues in the game.


How to play the game

To be able to destroy the Alien Spider in this game, you have to maintain a balance and do not drop the

ball into the hole.

Score is added to each time you destroy alien spider, the game will be more and more difficult each time

the level increases.