Jacket Jack FREE



Jacket Jack needs your help! He's been locked away in a padded cell. Seems he believes in strange things like Vanishing Ghosts, Goblin Goo, Troll Mines and the dreaded Alien Death Ray, among other things. Bounce him off the padded walls with physics based precision by moving your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Will you save him from the perils of his own mind by completing the extensive therapy he needs, or find the way to bust him out before he's brainwashed with institutional psychobabble? Whatever you decide - Jack's counting on you to set him free!

*IMPORTANT* Keep the device upright while bouncing Jack. Laying the game flat will pause the game. The game is played by moving the device, not by touching the screen (except for the obvious menu buttons). Settle Jack back on his feet after every session breakthrough to advance the game.


* store unlimited games with unique player names
* game progress is automatically saved as you play
* physics based gameplay

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