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Ready for Halloween? If your Halloween costume is already top notch, time to upgrade it with some frightening sound effects! Try this app to make your Halloween sound like never before!

Real life is frightening a lot of times – it's no wonder, that a lot of jokes are frightening too. Nowadays, when zombies, vampires, skeletons are so popular maybe you also want to make fun of your friends with nasty screams and roars.
Maybe you, personally cannot frighten them, but wraith, shocking creeps or squealing psychos can. The question is: where can you find some frightening zombies, wraith and skeletons? In your nightmare, for sure – but your nightmare will frighten yourself. So instead of yours, get your friend's screams as a result of your nightmare-like jokes with this funny application.

- Special Halloween sounds and effects
- Lot of frightening noises straight from your worst nightmares
- Numerous different themes: zombies, skeletons, wraiths and other creeps
- High quality sounds

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