Kaboom is a multiplayer game set in the old West, each player chooses a special character they want to play.

Bob “Dynamite Doc” Garett
Bob is a former doctor who got tired of working in the big city as a surgeon so he decided to move west during the goldrush to try and get rich on mining. Unfortunately, he lost his hand in an accident with some dynamite in his early days as a miner. Because he lost his hand he can’t use normal tools and he’s desperate to get his hands on the last dynamite in town!

Belle “Sweetie” King
Belle, despite her nickname, is an extremely irritable younger woman that’s constantly picking fights with everyone and everything, you’ll find her gunning it out with buffaloes just as much as the town sheriff, just for the sake of fighting.
Betty needs the dynamite to blow up the town bank safe for her next big heist.

Randy “Honest Randy” Logan
Randy is the local foreman of the railroad work that wants to build the railroad in to town, but to do that he needs to get through the small mountain that is blocking the way. He’s desperate to get his hands on the dynamite, otherwise he’s out of a job!

Freddy “Butch” Holiday
Freddy is the town drunk, you’ll mostly find him sleeping “it off” in the water trough outside the saloon. Freddy is a really nice guy who would never dream of deliberately hurt anyone else.
Freddy is hungry this morning, and he got the “brilliant” idea last night in the trough that he could catch lots of fish with dynamite.

Deborah “Deputy Deb” Springer
Daisy is the sheriffs deputy, but she’s far more strict and controlling than the sheriff and hence she’s also more “respected” by the town. She keeps the town fairly clean and mellow, no guns allowed! She stumbles into this dynamite duel by chance and stays in the duel trying to keep the others from continuing to throw lit dynamites around while trying to stay alive her self.

The characters have stumbled upon a cache of hidden dynamites (the last cache of dynamites in town!) and they all need this dynamite for their own “projects”. And being so stubborn and greedy they can’t decide who will get all the dynamite and none of them can afford to share the dynamite… so they decide to play a game of dynamite-roulette with it, lighting one dynamite at a time and passing it around. The last character standing will walk away with the dynamite.

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