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The game was created after this was documented in The Travels of Marco Polo - Volume 1: " And I was swept down by the mighty torrent. I was snagged by a fallen tree a ways downstream. My father and uncle could not see me, as the morning fog had not yet lifted, and I could not see my hand when directly in front of my face. Then I heard a faint whistle in the wind, "Marco! Marco!" I heard my father crying. I responded with the only thing I could think of, "Polo!" I shouted. He then walked the bank of the river and found the tree I had been snagged on, climbing out to save me." - Marco Polo, from, The travels of Marco Polo.

Get one or more of your friends to install this on their phones too.

One Player is chosen as IT.

This player closes his/her eyes and trys to tag the other players without the use of vision.

The player who is IT presses MARCO and the other players respond by pressing POLO.

The player who it IT listens and tries to find the other players.

If a player is tagged then that player becomes IT.

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