kusamusiri <Weeding>



Your yard fills with weeds…..
Please pluck and play!
Very lovely "weeding" game appeared.

I"kusamusiri" is weeds which grow in the yard,
It is a simple and very lovely game to weed.

Operation is easy.
Please slide-up and draw out the weeds springing up.
However, if it does not weed quickly,
grass will spring up rapidly.

If weeds are neglected, a seed will be flown and
it will spread on the yard whole surface.

It is game over when the yard fills with grass.

Let's weed a lot and compete with a friend for a score!

Tags: かわいいお庭ゲーム , ゲーム 草むしり , 草むしり かわいい , surfer 庭

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