Land Of Hero



Land Of Hero is an ingenious multiplayer online strategy game nothing like the other MMORPG games in the app store.
The game is easy to play, but very challenging and addictive. It will give you a different taste of online strategy games.

All players are playing in a single world map. Your empire starts from a single land. Your majesty lead the powerful heroes, wage wars and conquer more lands, expand your empire to a world domination.

All the lands are connected into a geographic way like the real world. The castles on the lands produce resources and soldiers, the heroes lead the army of soldiers to conquer more land. Everything is just like war fare in the real world.

★ Features:
- Three races: Human, Elf, Ghost.
- Human soldiers: swordman, archer, ninja, knight, archangel.
- Elf soldiers: fairy, ranger, druid, dryad, green dragon.
- Ghost soldiers: skeleton, ghost, zombie, vampire, bone dragon.
- Hundreds of variation of lands by the resource and the barrack distribution.
- Nine heroes to choose.
- Race specific skills: lightning, tornado, fire rain, super bomb, ghost army ...
- Arena: challenge other players.
- Contest: put bid in contest, and win big reward.
- Declare war on your enemies.
- Ally with your friends.

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