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Scripture Games is now free! Thank you for those of you who paid $0.99 to support me and my family. I know it might be annoying that you paid and now it's free, but then again, it was only 99 cents.

Scripture games has three scripture-based games: Scripture golf, scripture word scramble, and scripture hangman.

Scripture Golf gives you scriptures from:
Book of Mormon
Doctrine & Covenants
Old Testament
New Testament
Book of Mormon Mastery
Doctrine & Covenants Mastery
Old Testament Mastery
New Testament Mastery

How does scripture golf work? The app gives you a random verse from the standard work of your choosing. You simply have to identify which book and chapter it came from. Each guess adds a point to your score. You can play alone or play with up to five people by passing the phone around. The app will keep track of your score. Lowest score wins.

Hints button - Narrows down the remaining options if you have no clue
Mulligans - Gives you a different scripture to guess

This app also contains a scripture reader. If you're at church playing scripture golf and need quick access to the scriptures, scripture reader can be accessed from any screen by pressing the menu button on your phone. Scripture reader is not intended to replace your LDS Scripture app. It is very basic and contains the standard works (minus The Peal of Great Price). Does not include chapter headings, only the actual verses.

Scripture Word Scramble

In this game, compete against friends by passing the phone around and guess the scrambled word. Words are taken from all of the standard works. The timer counts up until you guess the word. Lowest total time in the end wins.

Difficulties range from super easy, easy, medium, hard, to insane. You can also choose random to get words from a random difficulty level.

Word scramble options include:

Choose your own words - if you are competing against friends, you can manually enter each other's words.

Same words - with more than one player, turning on this option gives each player the same word to unscramble so that the game is more fair.

Hints - turning on this option gives each player 3 hints per round. The first hint reveals the first letter, second hint reveals the second letter, etc.

Give up - if you absolutely can't guess the word, you can give up for a time penalty.

Scripture Hangman

You get six chances to guess the word before the hangman is complete. Each incorrect guess adds a point to your score. Lowest score wins. Difficulty levels range from easy, medium, to hard. Also choose random to get a word from a random difficulty level.

Hangman has the following options:

Choose your own words - with more than one player you can manually enter the word your opponent guesses.

Same words - just like in word scramble, this gives each player the same word to guess each round.

Coming in the future: Possibly a sacrament bingo game, but I'm not sure about this.

Nov 2013: Hey everyone. I wanted to keep updating this app but while migrating my code to a new computer I lost my developer key. Once lost Google cannot replace it. So unfortunately I cannot release any updates. The app works just fine, there were just some minor tweaks I wanted to make.

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