LIL' KINGDOM's review

by Peter Warrior

A whimsical management game

  • Lovely cuteness
  • Good management game
  • Graphics and animations
  • It could be more well balanced.

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"As you wish, milady"

LIL'Kingdom is a management game, much in the style of Tiny Tower, where you manage a fantasy kingdom under the rule of a capricious and fussy princess who gives you quests now and then whilst you create new chambers -i.e., floors- and fill them with dragons, elves and whatsoever cute stuff you can image. And when we say cute, we should say really cute, because this game's graphical side has been having in mind the criteria of "the more cuteness, the better". Even cute cub dragons breathe cute fire bubbles and so.

By the way, the most important part of the realm is , ta daaah, the elevator, so your main effort ought to be improving it. By the way, we should say it's a pretty good management game, though some costs and earnings and time requirements seem rather random.

Anyway, randomness doesn't have to be at odds with cuteness. Mine your own floors below the princess's dream castle and let yourself amaze by those things you've placed in. Glu Mobile is a top notch development company and Lil' Kingdom is top notch game, one of a certain kind which is quite easy you get addicted to.

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May 08, 2012

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