Lina Piano FREE learn tutorial



About 60 built-in songs to practice.
Play on a real piano : Lina Piano Teaching Tutorial listens to you.
Complete finger tips and fingering.

NEW : Import Midi file (each hand should be in 2 separate tracks). In the FREE version, Wait function will work only the first 50th notes in imported songs, please consider buying the complete version.

Learn piano easily. A very good piano learning tutorial for beginners :

Play the piano simply by following falling notes on a roll like in Synthesia or Guitar Hero. Hundred of progressive classical piano pieces to learn and practice.
- Practice hands separately: You play one hand and Lina Piano Teaching Tutorial plays the other.
- Play at your own speed: Lina Piano Teaching Tutorial waits for you before moving on.
- Complete finger number indication: Lina Piano Teaching Tutorial tells you which finger to play every single note.
- You can play on a real piano: Lina Piano Teaching Tutorial listens to you as if you were playing on the tablet/smartphone.

If you want other pieces to be added in this game, please post a review.

The FREE version is supported by Ads and waits for you during the first 50th notes. Please consider buying the complete Ad-free version.

(this game is also known as Lina Piano Instructor)

Built in pieces :

Au claire de la Lune (very easy)
Frere Jacques
Une Souris Verte
Petit Papa Noel
Ainsi font font font
Sur le Pont d'Avignon
Happy Birthday
A la Claire Fontaine
Promenons-nous dans les bois
Jingle Bells
Au claire de la Lune
Chant Arabe
Hummel Ecossaise
Bach Minuet in G major BWV Anh 114
Haendel Sarabande HWV 437
Schumann Melody Op68 no1
Satie Gymnopedie 1
Gurlit Novelette
Satie Gymnopedie 2
Schumann Little Piece op68 no5
Schumann Happy Farmer Op68 no10
Bach Musette BWV Anh 126
Tchaikovsky Old French Song
Bach WTC1 no1 Prelude BWV 846
Bach Minuet in G major BWV Anh 115
Clementi Sonatina op36 no1
Beethoven Ecossaise in G
Mozart Sonata in C major K545
Schumann Wild Horseman Op68 no8
Bach WTC1 no6 Prelude BWV 851
Schumann Kinderszenen no1
Bach Invention no13 BWV 784
Beethoven Sonatina in G major
Bach Partita no1 Minuet BWV 825
Beethoven 6 Ecossaises
Bach Partita no2 Rondeau BWV 826
Bach Partita no5 Tempo Di Menuetto BWV 829
Bach Partita no3 Fantaisie BWV 827
Bach Partita no3 Scherzo BWV 827
Schubert Musical Moment no3
Bach WTC1 no3 Prelude BWV 848
Mozart Turkish March K331
Bach Partita no2 Allemande BWV 826
Bach WTC1 no5 Prelude BWV 850
Bach Partita no1 Prelude BWV 825
Beethoven Fur Elise
Bach Partita no1 Allemande BWV 825
Bach Partita no3 Burlesca BWV 827
Bach Partita no3 Courante BWV 827
Rimsky-Korsakov Flight of the Bumblebee
Bach WTC1 no2 Prelude BWV 847
Bach Partita no1 Gigue BWV 825
Bach Partita no2 Courante BWV 826
Bach Partita no3 Sarabande BWV 827
Bach Partita no3 Gigue BWV 827
Bach WTC1 no2 Fugue BWV 847
Bach WTC1 no4 Prelude BWV 849
Bach WTC1 no10 Prelude BWV 855
Bach WTC1 no24 Prelude BWV 869

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