Line Arcade



Line Arcade is a simple and addictive puzzle game based on the popular 5-in-a-row. The game consists of a grid of size 9 x 9 squares. Balls of 6 different colors enter the grid three at a time.
The player scores points by lining up 5 or more balls of the same color in horizontal, vertical or diagonal formations. Simply tap a ball and then tap the desired square where you wish to move it. The ball can move to a square only if there is an open path (i.e. combination of vertical and horizontal empty squares) from the source to the destination cell.
When a formation of 5 or more balls of the same color is created, the entire formation is removed and no fresh balls enter the grid for that turn.
• Undo button to go back upto 10 moves
• Automatic save and loading of interrupted games
• Global Leaderboards
Short, simple and addictive, Line Arcade promises loads of fun.

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