Log Run




    A swarm of flesh-eating piranhas are accidentally released into a summer resort's rivers, the visitors become their next meal. Mushmouth is going to have some tough luck keeping himself away from the ‘jaws’. Endurance is the key as he has to run for his life. Think it’s easy, eh? You’ll never know how it feels, unless you start. You’ll never do the impossible, unless you finish.

    It’s a fast and furious game of balance for Android! You're standing on a log and have to run in the right direction, either backwards or forward to stop yourself from falling off. Be spontaneous to maintain equilibrium. Control the movement through accelerometer or by tapping left and right arrow. This is an extremely simple game with some replay value in trying to stay out of the water for as long as possible.

    The maximum time will be recorded as the best time. So the aim of the game is to keep going back to beat your own record. Happy running!

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