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The hottest Olympic Games in this summer! Are you still focus on playing boring and outdated games? Are you searching exciting games but without results? Now! Come on and join us playing online London Guess! You, are the master of this game!

Seamless connect London and the whole world! We use the real 2012 London Olympic Games schedule and events as quizzes, enjoy competing with the whole world players. This competition is not about time, equipment, more is not skills, here is your mind than! "London Guess" provides you timely quiz results and news, even provides a special space for giving your advices and strategy.While debating who to choose to win what events you can discuss the events that are about to take place, or events in which the results are already in. It gives you a chance to stay up to date on the Olympics while competing with friends all from the palm of your hand!

The four astonishing features of this game.
1. Synchronized with the Official Olympic schedule. 7 main events and 302 sub-events.
2. Exciting Rewards – Players will receive points for correct predictions that can be exchanged from in game items that will enhance your future predictions! At the end the top players will all receive a mystery prize.
3. Enjoyable Social Networking – Follow friends and family while competing against the world. You can share your scores on Facebook, and browse other players’ prediction history.
4. Easy to learn – With a friendly user interface and scoring system it will take no time at all to be competing! You receive points and gold when you choose the correct winning countries.

1. “London Guess” will allow you to choose the most interesting of the 302 events to allow you to place your prediction for the gold and silver medal winners.
2. In any one event you can earn up to 80 points: Gold 50, Silver 30. Every 10 points will give you an additional gold coin (A correct Gold is 50 points, so you will receive 5 additional gold coins. A correct gold and silver prediction will net you 8 gold coins).
3. Events will be opened up to predictions 5 days before the event is scheduled to take place. The results will be posted 30 minutes after the event and players will receive their scores and gold coins no later than 1:00a.m. (G.M.T.).
4. 2 hours before the event starts predictions will be closed to all players, players will no longer be able to change their predictions or see other players predictions.
5. Everyday a player may predict up to 5 events. While purchasing a gold key can unlock an additional 3 events per day. (8 is the maximum number of events for players using gold coins).
6. Gold coins can also be used to purchase virtual items such as the wand, x-ray and Tipp-Ex.
Each day the top 10 players will receive an additional gold coin bonus in descending sequence: 100,90,80,70,66,60,58,56,54,52. The weekly top 10 players will also receive a gold coin bonus in descending sequence: 300,270,240,210,198,180,174,168,162,156.
1. You can improve your chances of winning by using the “x-ray” which allows you to see what the top ranked players are predicting.
2. Are you confident you know something others do not? Avoid other players stealing your predictions by using “Tipp-ex (Wite-out)”. Tipp-ex allows you to correct your predictions (still must be used 2 hours before the event begins!). If you want to get very sneaky try casting a misleading bet, then changing it last minute and using Tipp-ex so others can’t follow you.
3. Does 1 day have too many events that you are confident about? You can purchase up to 3 more events for the day. That’s 3 more chances for extra points, and could put you in contention for the top 10 reward for the day, or even the week.

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